Project Application Form

I. Current Contact Details
* Name
* Surname
* Date of Birth
* Turkish Identification Number
* Telephone Number
* E-mail
Full Company Title
Trade Registry Province
Company Website
* Education
* Occupation
II. Project Summary
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* Investment Requirement of the Project
* Duration
* Targeted Market Size
* Expected Market Share
* Expected 5-Year-Sales Income
* Stage of the Project
* R&D Need
III. Project Details
* Name of the Project
* Project Summary
Please explain the Target and Success Criteria of the Project
If patent research of the Project is completed, please provide the date, which databases were used, for which purpose and with which key words. You must also add research reports if any.
Explanations of the Intellectual Property pertaining to Patent, Trademark, Design etc. and Document Numbers
Competitors of the Project, Competition Environment, Competitive Advantages
* Foreseen Risks and Alternative Solution Plans
* Targeted Market and Targeted Audience
Investments made in the Project: Explanations, Date and Amount Details
Income Created by the Project: Explanations, Date and Amount Details
IV. Curriculum Vitae Please upload the curriculum vitae of the relevant people with the help of the file uploading module below. You could use the sample file named CV.rtf to prepare your own files.
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VI. Waiver of Notice and Undertaking
I have filled in the information stated in the Project Application precisely and accurately on my own accord and by my own free will in order for İnventram Intellectual Property Rights Management Trade and Investment Inc. (“İnventram”) to evaluate my Project. I am declaring and undertaking that my Project Application that I have filled does not contain any information which constitutes confidential information of any third party and does not violate the legal rights of any third parties. I am declaring information on my own free will knowing that İnventram shall bear no legal or financial responsibility in terms of the privacy of the information present in the Project Application Form and/or oral or written information I reveal during the interviews I have held and may hereafter hold with İnventram. Accordingly, I hereby allow İnventram to share this information with İnventram’s managers, employees or consultants (“Representatives”) and with any third parties determined by Inventram in respect of evaluation of the Project. I hereby accept and irrevocably undertake that I shall not demand indemnification from İnventram and/or from any third parties to whom İnventram has provided information under this Waiver of Notice and Undertaking pertaining to information I have revealed and I waive my right to object, make claims, or bring legal action.
Important Note: After confidential/technical information pertaining to the Project is filled in the “Invention Notice Form” and shared by your party in the following stages, it shall be signed by both parties and attached to the “Privacy Agreement”.
VII. Data Protection Notice
I accept and declare that I have been duly notified that all of my personal data, as such phrase is defined in the Law numbered 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (‘Law no. 6698), which I have shared within the scope of the Project Application, may be processed by İnventram for purposes of evaluation of my application, as per the conditions and purposes set forth in articles 5 and 6 of the Law no. 6698, and transferred to Koç Holding A.Ş., İnventram’s business partners, shareholders, affiliates, authorized institutions and private persons for the same purpose, within the scope of the conditions and purposes indicated in articles 8 and 9 of the Law no. 6698, that I have been notified that I, as the data subject, have the right to,
  • request from the data controller, information as to whether the data controller is processing my data, purpose of processing, whether processing is carried out in line with the purpose of collection and identities of third parties to which the data have been transferred,
  • have my data rectified or deleted/erased, as appropriate, by the data controller processing my data and,
  • notify third parties whom my data have been disclosed of any activity executed regarding of any rectification, erasure, deletion,
  • object to a decision which produces effects concerning him and which is based solely on automated processing of data intended to evaluate certain personal aspects relating to me,
  • claim compensation for my damages resulting from unlawful process of my personal data,
and that I may use said rights by sending a written application to İnventram at Nakkaştepe, Azizbey Sokak No:1, Kuzguncuk 34674, İstanbul
VIII. Approval and Application Submission
Please read the waiver of notice stated above. When you click on submit button, you will be assumed to have legally approved and accepted the waiver. Please save the application number that will appear after you click on the button for follow-up purposes.