Seed Funding

Seed Funding

Breathe Life Into Your Project with Seed Capital

Seed Capital is the initial capital you need in order to realize your projects. İnventram provides seed capital support for bold, original projects. To receive seed capital support, your project needs to go beyond bold — it needs to be innovative, competitive, marketable, scalable and sustainable. İnventram was founded in April 2010 in partnership with Koç Holding and Koç University as an early-stage technology, innovation and intellectual property rights investment, commercialization and consulting company, and it provides seed capital support for entrepreneurs with deep faith in their projects and themselves. See our investment portfolio for all the projects İnventram has helped realize in the fields of biotechnology, health, automotive, information and communications technologies, defence industry technologies and medical products.

Invested in high technology projects, İnventram is the only corporate investment company in Turkey operating in the field of high technology. İnventram always welcomes new projects, and is excited to provide financial means for qualified candidates through seed capital. Now it’s your time to take the first step towards realizing your dreams by sharing your project with us

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