Early Stage Funds

Early Stage Funds

Scale Your Project Up with Early-Stage Funding Support

The early-stage funding support is venture capital, ranging from half a million to two million dollars, which gives firms' goods or services the edge over the competition. It helps them build a strong brand image and grab significant market share. İnventram grants early-stage funding support to firms at this stage, ensuring they continue to follow their paths.      

Founded in April 2010 in partnership with Koç Holding and Koç University, İnventram is the only corporate investment company in Turkey that provides high-tech investment support. Our company invests in early-stage technology, innovation and intellectual property rights, as well as offers commercialization and consulting services. See our investment portfolio for all the projects İnventram has helped realize in the fields of biotechnology, health, automotive, information and communications technologies, defence industry technologies and medical products.

İnventram seeks passionate, innovative leaders for its early-stage funding support, with projects that have the ability to commercialize and have full legal compliance. We are ready to support you with our early-stage funds, provided that you trust your project, aim to make your business grow and raise your production and sales through the project's infancy. You can take the first step by filling in this online form to tell us about yourself and your project.

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