Management Support

Reinforce Your Company Profile with İnventram Management Support

Management support is provided in a variety of crucial corporate fields, except for the company’s main field of activity, such as accounting, payrolls, human resources, financial reporting and the follow-up of tax liabilities. With İnventram Management Support, we assist you in building your corporate integrity profile in the best way possible, so you can focus on your project.

İnventram offers:

–   Start-up and Early-Stage Capital Funding Support

–   Administrative, Financial and Legal Support

–   Feasibility and Market Research

–   Company Assessment

–   Market Entry Strategy and Sales

–   Budget Management

In order to receive İnventram Management Support, you first need to fill out the form on our web portal. Your company must have innovative technological inventions coupled with early-stage market potential. The kind of entrepreneur that investors are looking for has a few defining qualities. Entrepreneurs need to trust themselves, believe in their work and themselves. They must stand with their feet firmly on the ground. And above all, they need a profound focus on success. Education and experience are the vital factors behind all these requirements. The entrepreneur needs to grasp the entire scope of the work and have a realistic approach, both in terms of expectations and the financial factors. An entrepreneur with these qualities, and with our support, can successfully manage a project through.

See our investment portfolio for all the projects İnventram has helped realize in the fields of biotechnology, health, automotive, information and communications technologies, defence industry technologies and medical products.

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