Talking Hands

Elif Saygı Bavunoğlu & Harun Bavunoğlu / Turtela Technology Solutions Inc.

Talking Hands is a technological glove project which converts Turkish Sign Language into speech. The glove will detect the Turkish Sign Language, which is used by hearing-speaking-impaired people, by the help of sensor located on gloves, and will convert them to concurrent speech. By this way, it is aimed that hearing-speaking-impaired people will be able to talk, will be able to express them selves on their social life and work life regardless other people knows Turkish Sign Language or not.

Talking Hands will also be used for learning Turkish Sign Language by the help of train module. By this way, users will have a chance to learn Turkish Sign Language by their owns in shorter periods. Moreover, users will be able to teach words and signs to glove thay want which personalizes their gloves and speeds up their communication.

Talking Hands will change the life of hearing-speaking-impaired people and will play a significant role for standardizing the Turkish Sign Language.


Elif Saygı Bavunoğlu, Turtela Technology Solutions Inc.

• B.Sc, 2006, Middle East Technical University, Computer Engineering

Harun Bavunoğlu, Turtela Technology Solutions Inc.

• Ph.D., Ege University, Mathematics Majored in Computer Science

Reference Number : 2417
Field : Information and Communication Technologies
For mor information : info@inventram.com
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