Tarabios Inc.: A Company Developing PoC INR Device

Prof. Dr. Hakan Ürey / Koç University

TARABIOS, a spin-off company from Koc University, has developed advanced point-of-care blood diagnostic systems. The biosensors are based on a proprietary patent-protected fiber-optics platform technology, which can be easily customized to screen minute quantities of blood and other samples, rapidly and accurately in a variety of settings, ranging from hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices to patients homes. TARABIOS initially aims to offer affordable ultra portable and simple to use devices for blood coagulation patient self testing.

The research of the technology started more than 6 years ago and has so far been funded by national and international science foundations. 

TARABIOS seeks investment to cover the costs of the development of final product and clinical trials over the next 24 months. 


Warfarin dose management by patients at home is a growing market, which is currently at around $750 million. Immunoassay based point-of-need tests, such as sepsis panel, cardiac markers, hepatitis, tuberculosis, STDs will be included in the portfolio in the medium term and has a market potential of $20 billion.


Fiber-optics based micro-cantilevers placed on a low cost, single use disposable cartridge. The cantilever shows an exquisite sensitivity on mass loading (biomarkers attached on the free end) and on the viscosity of the medium they are in. Unlike systems which are currently on the market and are based on electrical testing methods to measure the viscosity of the blood indirectly, TARABIOS’s system can directly measure the viscosity of blood with high reliability. Other key benefits of the technology are: absence of any electrical connections › eliminates cartridge complexity › lower cost + easy multiplexing.


Prof. Dr. Hakan Ürey, Founding Partner and Chief Scientific Officer

• Professor, Electrical Engineering Dept., Koç University, 2001

• PhD., 1997, Georgia Technology Institute, Electrical and Computer Engineering

• Principal engineer at Microvision, 1998 - 2001

• 150 articles, 30 licensed patents, incl. pico-projector product patents of the Microvision

• Expertise in Optical and Miniature Systems

Dr. Thanos Mitrelias, Entrepreneur-in Residence, Interim CEO

• Experienced entrepreneur

• Ph.D. İn Nat. Sciences. University of Cambridge

• 14 years of entrepreneurship and scientific activity

• Founding CEO of Cavendish NanoTherapeutics & Cambridge BioMagnetics, both spin offs the University of Cambridge; Raised more than $5.5 million

Dr. Göksenin Yaralıoğlu, Chief Technical Officer

• Ph.D. in EE, Bilkent University, 6 years at Stanford University

• Senior Director, Invensense, a Silicon Valley company, 2006 - 2012

• 12 patents, 90 publications

• Expertise is MEMS product development, microfluidics, packaging

Dr. Richard Dunn, Technical Advisor

• 10 yrs working in coagulation medical device development with MEMS sensors

• Expertise in Business and Product Development, and Quality Management of Medical Devices

Gökhan Sağlam, Project Manager

• M.Sc., 2013, Başkent University, Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Erdem Alaca, Founding Partner

• PhD., 2003, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Halil Kavaklı, Founding Partner

• PhD., 2000, Washington State University, Genetics and Cell Biology


Received early stage funding from Inventram and is currently seeking VC/angel funding to complete the final product and make it ready for sale after obtaining a FDA/CE Mark Certification. The technology is being transferred to Tarabios and commercialized as a spin-out startup; however, the entrepreneurs are open to proposals about the licensing or sale of the technology, as well.

Reference Number : 196
Field : Biotechnology and Health
Patent Application Publication Number : WO2012059828
For more information : info@inventram.com
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