Hydrogel and Aerogel Based Controlled Drug Delivery Technology

Prof. Dr. Can Erkey & Assoc. Prof. Seda Kızılel / Koç University

It is a multiple and sequential drug release technology. The technology helps deliver multiple drugs in a controlled, effective, and accurate manner to their targets in the body. A proof-of-concept research is studied on Ketoprofen and currently in talks with drug companies to adapt the technology for their target drug. A PCT patent application has been filed. It passed the examination stage successfully and ready for national entries.

Specifications of the Technology:

Sequential and Multiple Release

Loading of multiple different drugs

Sequential release with tunable hydrophobicities & permeabilities

Easy & Safe Loading of Drugs

Drugs can be loaded without any degradation

Controllable & Triggered Release

Controlled & delayed drug release by pH, temperature responsive hydrogels, or changing hydrophobicity of the aerogel core

High Loading Capacity in Different Size & Forms

High pore volumes and low densities


Both PEG hydrogel & silica aerogel are non-toxic & biocompatible


Prof. Dr. Can Erkey, Koç University

• PhD., 1989, Texas A&M University, Chemical Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Seda Kızılel, Koç University

• PhD., 2004, Illinois Technology Institute, Biomedical Engineering

Licensing Status!

The technology will be implemented on target drugs of interested drug firms with joint research or research support, and the IP will be licensed-out.

Reference Number : 190
Field : Biotechnology and Health
Patent Application Publication Number : WO2012095346
For more information : info@inventram.com
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