V-Count Technology Inc.: Image Processing and Video Analysis

Kaan Kayabalı & Demirhan Büyüközcü / V-Count Technology Inc.

To improve software for image and videos processing products, V-Count was founded in 2006 and developed projects for different sectors such as military, factory automation and highway traffic analysis. V-Count retail and in-store people counting software was produced after the extensive scientific researches. In 2007, first device with IP camera and server software was developed and sold. After years of research and investment, the first embedded people counting device has been developed and implemented in 2009. In 2010, cloud over data analysis solution has been released. In 2014, with the new built-in 3G option, the device started to send data via GSM; it became fully configured and ready to access the power for the first time in market. During these years V-Count completed 762 projects with 6102 successful installation and 92% positive feedback.


Inventram supports the company on its sales and marketing efforts with a revenue sharing model.


Reference Number : 426
Field : Information and Communication Technologies
Company website : tr.v-count.com
For more information : info@inventram.com
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