3D Autostereoscopic Display System

Osman Eldeş / Koç University

It is a multi-view single user 3D autostereoscopic projection display technique using only two projectors, a retro-reflective screen and a head-tracker. The system does not require wearing glasses and provides natural high quality view without any discrete transitions during perspective change. The technique employs high-gain screen, which allows using low-power projectors and designing large screen.

Field of Use::

Personal display systems (game consoles, transportation vehicles, etc..), simulators, interactive workbenches.


Osman Eldeş, Koç University

• M.Sc. Student

• B.Sc., 2012, Koç University, Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Licensing Status:!

Available for out-licensing.

Reference Number : 1208
Field : Electrical/Electronics Products, Information and Communication Technologies
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