Kuantag A.Ş.: Automotive Technologies

Assoc. Prof. Vedat Akgün / Kuantag A.Ş.

Ongoing research and development activities for automotive industry regarding detection, identification, recording systems.


Local and global automotive industry.

Chief Scientists & Co-Founders:

Prof. Dr. Hakan Ürey

• Professor, Koç University, 2001

• PhD., 1997, Georgia Technology Institute, Electrical and Computer Engineering

• 150 articles, 30 licensed patents, incl. pico-projector patents of the Microvision

• Expertised in MEMS, optical and miniature systems.

Assoc. Prof. Havva Funda Acar Yağcı

• Assoc. Prof., Koç University

• PhD., 1999, Southern University, Polymer Science and Engineering

• 11 articles, 10 patents

• Expertised in organic chemistry, biomaterials, polymers and nanoparticles.


Dr. Vedat Akgün, Company Manager

• Ph.D., New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Materials Science

Tayfun Rüzgar, Project Coordinator

• M.Sc., 2010, Ege University, Bioengineering

• Expertise in Quality Management Systems, Core Tools, Material Safety Data Sheet, Lean Six Sigma, Problem Solving Strategy

Dr. Emre Heves, Project Manager – Sensor Technologies

• Ph.D., 2012, Sabancı University, Electronics Engineering

Dr. Eren Şimşek, Project Manager – Nanomaterials

• Ph.D., 2012, Sabancı University, Materials Science and Engineering

• 4 international journal publications, 1 patent, 10 refereed proceedings

• Expertise in Nanomaterials, Polymer Science and Superhydrophobic Surfaces

Dr. İbrahim Hocaoğlu, Senior Scientist – Nanomaterials

• Ph.D., 2014, Koç University, Material Science and Engineering

Dr. Leyla Eral Doğan, Senior Scientist – Nanomaterials

• Ph.D., 2012, İzmir Institute of High Technology, Chemistry

• 4 articles

• Expertise in Nanomaterials (Synthesis, Characterization and Application), Exciton Dynamics, Spectroscopic Techniques

Dr. Pınar Dağtepe, Senior Scientist – Nanomaterials

• Ph.D., 2010, Kansas State University, Department of Chemistry, Physical Chemistry

• Lab Manager, Koç University Nanomaterial Research Lab (KUNAL)

• 4 articles, 1 patent application

• Expertise in Nanomaterials, Reaction Kinetics

Necip Sezen, Senior Scientist – Sensor Technologies

• Undergraduate, 2004, Sabancı University, Microelectronics Engineering

• 2009–2015, Senior Researcher, TUBITAK – Informatics and Information Security Research Center


Startup Company.

Reference Number : 745
Field : Automotive
For more information : info@inventram.com
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