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A Urea, Phosphate And pH Measuring PoC Device

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Işıldak / Yıldız Technical University


Invention is a mobile medical device that accurately measures the level of pH, urea, and phosphate in a kidney patient's blood by just a single drop of blood. By the device a kidney patient can easily understand the toxic level of his/her blood and determines to go to dialysis at the right time.

Currently, kidney patients follow their blood toxic levels by going to the hospital or independent labs by giving a tube of blood sample. Since this process is not very practical, the test is usually done just before dialysis which is very risky. Because toxic level may cause uremia, hyperphosphatemia and acid-base disorder in the patients. The invention will play a big role in preventing such problems. Not only patients going to the dialysis, but also every level of kidney patient may use the device to regulate their food program for a better life.

Intellectual Property Rights

Patent pending in Turkey and application is also in PCT process.  


Every 1 in 10 people in the world (1 to 7 in Turkey) have some degree of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and over 2 million people worldwide receives dialysis treatment to survive. Our invention not only targets people on dialysis but also the ones with any level of CKD for a better quality of life.

Licensing Status

R&D activities are closing to the end. 


Prof. Dr. İbrahim Işıldak

    • Professor, Yıldız Technical University
    • PhD., Newcastle upon Tyne University, Chemical