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Codela: Software Developer / Coder Assessment Platform


Codela is a platform that helps programmers prepare for technical interviews and matches them to the right companies based on their programming capabilities.This platform matches software developers with technology-based companies used by both parties. It enables software developers to prepare for technical interviews on a platform.

Codela matches companies and programmer according to the technology they use. Thus, it measures candidates' programming skills on the correct scale by printing the code. Online coding tests provide companies with the same time and many software evaluation opportunities. In addition to the recruitment processes of Junior programmer and interns, it support the companies in the certification and performance evaluation processes after in-house and online training.


Murat Sütunç


    • BSc., Sabancı University, Computer Sciences and Engineering

Ebru Türün


    • MSc., Bocconi University, International Management
    • MSc., Koç University, International Management
    • BSc., Koç University, Bachelor of Arts - Economics