Invensment Portfolio

CY Vision Inc.

Prof. Hakan Ürey / Koç University


Invention; holographic 3D image technology. Prof. Hakan Ürey has been working on holographic 3D image technology with his team for a long time. This technology aims to provide true 3D images. In this respect, many problems such as no depth, narrow vision, headache, etc. encountered in existing systems are to be solved. Hence 3D images can become a part of daily life. Significant milestones have been achieved in the project by the support of İnventram.

Intellectual Property Rights

The first patent is granted in America, Japan and Turkey, while pending in many countries. In addition o that 9 related patent applications are pending in several countries. 


The final product will be a chip embedding 3d holographic conversion algorithms. It will be used by AR/VR glass producers. AR/VR market size is estimated to be more than $120 billion in 2020. 

Investment Status

In order to start productization, substantial investment was required so CY Vision Inc. was established in USA in 2016 with the partnership of İnventram. In 2017, a Turkish VC and Intel Capital invested to the company in Series A round. After securing funds, the company has started the productization process at full speed.


Prof. Dr. Hakan Ürey

Co-Founder & Chairman

    • Professor, Koç University
    • PhD. Georgia Technology Institue, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 150 articles, 30 licensed patents, incl. pico-projector product patents of the Microvision
    • Expertise in Optical and Miniature Systems

Orkun Oğuz

Co-Founder & CEO

    • Executive Education, Harvard Business School
    • MBA, University of Georgia
    • BSc., Boğaziçi University, Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Göksen Yaralıoğlu

Co-Founder & Head of R&D

    • Research Associate, Stanford University
    • PhD., Bilkent University, Electric and Electrical Engineering