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Bahadır Felek


The firm repairs LCD panels that are used on many products, such as laptops, TVs, monitors, and ATMs. Entrepreneurs, with 20 years of experience in electronic systems repair at the Feba Electronics, identified the vacuum in the LCD panel repair sector, that arise from the quickly increasing number of LCD panels sold and will need cost-effective repairs eventually. They have developed their own proprietary testing and repair technologies and processes in house after 4 years of intensive R&D work and product testing. LCD Hospital can fix most problems, except for broken glasses and liquid crystals leaks that may not be repaired. The firm has two “clean rooms”, one in İzmir Free Trade Zone serve, that serve international customers and one in Istanbul for the domestic market. The firm is also planning to establish a LCD repair laboratory in Ankara in 2013.

LCD Hospital offers the end-user an opportunity to have their under warranty and out of warranty LCDs repaired at low cost and fast turnaround, while offers the producers price advantage, lower inventory requirements, and better customer satisfaction.


Bahadır Felek