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Taglette: RFID Solutions

Dr. Mehmet Imrak

Taglette develops microchip technologies that enable the follow-up, control and analysis of all processes and products from production to consumption. Frequently used in stores and production centres of apparel companies, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology developed by Taglette is changing the game for retail apparel industry in many ways. Via RFID tags and readers, Taglette can track inventory on item-level and eliminates shoplifting at retail stores by 100%. As one of the leading companies in Industry 4.0, Taglette provides humanless technologies, IoT projects, RFID solutions, and smart management systems like no other company can provide in one solution. Taglette’s technology solutions are fully compatible with brands’ omni-channel retail strategy which is regarded as the future of shopping.


Dr. Mehmet Imrak


    • PhD., Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Electrical & Electronics Engineering          
    • MSc., Yıldız Technical University, Power Electronics
    • BSc., Yıldız Technical University, Electrical Engineering