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Tarabios: Mobile Blood Coagulation (PT/INR) Measurement Device for Self-Testing

Prof. Dr. Hakan Ürey / Koç University


Tarabios is a project lead by Prof. Urey and his team by the support of İnventam. In this project a patent pending mobile blood coagulation (PT/INR) device which incorporates a unique and advanced measurement technology, is developed. In particular, the device allows a patient under warfarin treatment to measure his or her PT/INR level easily and accurately at the comfort of his or her home.

The device is unique because it is a micro level fiber optic mechanical measurement system that can directly measure the blood clotting speed. Compared to current electrochemical measurement methods used in existing POC devices, this device measures faster with high accuracy and is not effected by the agents in the blood. In addition, since this is a platform technology with some additional R&D, it can also detect many diseases.

Intellectual Property Rights

There are two patents pending. First one is granted in USA and EU, and pending in other countries. The second patent passed PCT process successfully and entered to USA, EU, Japan, China and Russia.


Year 2017 POC PT/INR measuring instrument and cartridge market is $1.2 billion and growing. Although the new generation anti-coagulant drugs are being introduced, they have many setbacks. Hence it is estimated that this market will continue to grow for a quite long time. In addition to that the market size of a mobile device which can diagnose diseases, is well over $20 billion.

Investment Status

Current prototype is close to an end user device. After positive laboratory tests, clinical study is in progress. VC or strategic partner is welcome to support certification process and to access USA and European markets in 1 to 2 years. As the number of competitors are low, high growth is expected. Eventualy an exit may happen in 2 years from market access as an acquisition from a major healthcare company.



Prof. Dr. Hakan Ürey

    • Professor, Koç University
    • PhD. Georgia Technology Institue, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 150 articles, 30 licensed patents, incl. pico-projector product patents of the Microvision
    • Expertise in Optical and Miniature Systems

Dr. Göksenin Yaralıoğlu

    • Research Associate, Stanford University,
    • PhD., Bilkent University, Electric and Electrical Engineering

Gökhan Sağlam

    • M.Sc., 2013, Başkent University, Biomedical Engineering