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Evren Özatay


iUGO Technology is a research company that makes use of connectivity for new functionalities and features to be offered to drivers and passengers, and develops advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). iUGO 'driver and fleet performance management solution' helps fleets maximize revenues by cutting operational costs, tackle performance at the driver level by transforming driving behavior, and optimise fleet operations with fleet tracking, mapping, reporting and real-time driver lever warning.

iUGO's clear state-of-the-art technology supports safe driving and fuel consumption reduction by providing real time information from crowd sourcing using machine learning, predictive controls and AI engine. The company is developing its own vehicle telemetry units (hardware and software) using ''Smart Vehicle Technologies' to provide dynamic mapping and driver modelling through intelligent algorithms and data from the road and the vehicle. Those devices access the data through GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope and CANBus, and provide it to driver screen on mobile (while driving) and Portal on the web (after driving).

The business model of iUGO relies on the higher demand on road safety and fuel economy of large fleets. Car leasing, insurance, logistics and all other corporations which operates delivery of products are potential customer base of the company. Environmental and safety compliances make technology-driven driver modelling vital for safety risk measurements and opportunities in fleet efficiency. iUGO's way of doing business is far away from just selling products, but instead providing long term service to its customers for sustainable driver behavior transformation.


Evren Özatay

Co-Founder & CEO

    • MBA, Boğaziçi University
    • Postdoctoral, Penn State University, Mechanical Engineering
    • MSc., Middle East Technical University, Mechanical Engineering

Evrim Özatay

Kurucu Ortak

    • MSc., Rotterdam School of Management, Business Administration

Engin Özatay


    • PhD., The Ohio State University, Computer and Electrical Engineering
    • MSc., ETH Zurich, Mechanical Engineering
    • BSc., Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi, Makine Mühendisliği