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A Novel Zeolite Coating Technology

Prof. Ayşe Erdem Şenatalar & Prof. Melkon Tatlıer / Istanbul Technical University


Zeolite's molecular structure resembles a sieve so it can be used in gas or liquid seperation as well as in dehydration process. The performance of Zeolite coating is many times higher than Zeolite in pellet or powder form. However, existing coating technology can not be widely used because it is very expensive and time consuming. On the other hand proposed technology is low cost, less complex, and has low process time. So now Zeolites can be applied in everywhere.

Field of Use

Zeolite coatings can be used as adsorbent, catalyst, or membrane. Systems utilizing Zeolite are quite efficient compared to conventional ones and provide high energy efficiency. For example, the use of Zeolite in drying systems is very advantageous. Some white goods companies have achieved very high energy efficiency by adding Zeolite in pellet form to the drying process of a dishwasher. In fact, a higher level of efficiency can be achieved if Zeolite coating is used.

For instance, Zeolite coated membranes are used to dehydrate and refine water contained ethanol in advanced bioethanol fuel production plants. In this way, 15% more product is produced compared to the use of zeolite in pellet form and also high energy savings acheived. But these  coatings are very expensive due to traditional coating technology.

Zeolite coatings can be used in unlimited number of areas and with additional R&D one can achieve very high gains in each area.

Intellectual Property Rights

Patent is granted in USA, China, Japan, Germany, France, England, Spain, Italy, and Turkey.


Bioethanol (fuel) manufacturers prefer Zeolite membranes in production process to seperate water efficiently since it increases the output 10-20% while reducing overall energy consumption. However current technology to produce these membranes are time-consuming and costly. On the other hand our technology reduces membrane production times considerably while reducing costs. The global Bioethanol market is valued at $48.7 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach $75.5 billion by 2023. And this is only an example market for Zeolite coating usage. Actually it is beneficial to all industries or machines using dehumidification or gas/liquid seperation processes.

Licensing Status

The technology is ready and available for licensing. Negotiations with potential buyers are ongoing.


Prof. Dr. Ayşe Erdem Şenatalar

    • Professor, İstanbul Technical University
    • PhD., İstanbul Technical University, Chemical Engineering

Prof. Dr. Melkon Tatlıer

    • Professor, İstanbul Technical University
    • PhD., İstanbul Technical University, Chemical Engineering