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A Novel Zeolite Coating Technology

Prof. Ayşe Erdem Şenatalar & Prof. Melkon Tatlıer / Istanbul Technical University


Zeolites are microporous crystalline aluminosilicates that have diverse fields of application. Zeolite-like materials such as AlPOs, SAPOs, ZMOFs, ZIFs etc., have also been developed. The term “zeolite” will be used to include all of these zeolite-like materials, as well.

Zeolites may exhibit much higher performances when they are used as coatings on various support materials rather than in pellet or powder form. Direct crystallization on metal supports is especially beneficial for improving the heat transfer. Existing technologies remain inadequate for providing zeolite coatings on large surfaces with desired thickness, stability, sorption and heat/mass transfer properties. The developed technology brings solutions to these problems and expand the uses of zeolite coatings. This novel technology is based on distant, non-contact and selective heating of the metallic support while the reaction mixture, from which the coating is grown by direct crystallization, is kept at a lower temperature. In this manner, easier manipulation of the coating thickness, and shorter synthesis times for obtaining similar coating thicknesses are achieved. Additionally, larger supports may be coated in mass production. The coatings are durable and have an open nature improving the mass transfer while the quality of heat transfer remains high. Supports with lower weight may be coated with this technology which presents another major advantage for related applications. In summary, even thick, uniform and durable coatings are reproducibly, economically and practically prepared in short times and on large surfaces by this novel method.

Field of Use

Coatings of zeolites and zeolite-like materials prepared by this technology can be used as adsorbents, catalysts or membranes in many areas, some of which are mentioned below.

Use of these coatings for sorption based heat transformation in systems such as thermally driven heat pumps and chillers is an important area of application. Improvements in power and COP values will be achieved as a result. Besides heating and cooling applications, adsorptive dehumidification and drying processes are also potential application areas. Some domestic and commercial appliance companies have achieved improvements in energy efficiency by incorporating zeolites in pellet or coating forms in their devices. Our novel coating technology brings several important advantages not only to the preparation but also to the application of zeolite coatings in these fields. One such improvement will be the shortening of cycle times due to rapid heating/cooling in several applications such as in dishwashers.

Gas separation/purification/storage applications make use of the unique adsorption properties originating from the large surface areas, high pore volumes, various pore geometries and external/internal surface properties, as well as the molecular sieving abilities of these materials. Same properties allow these coatings to be used in membrane configurations for important separations, such as in alcohol dehydration.

Coatings prepared by the novel technology will offer various advantages in many other cases, including their possible uses in pollution abatement and catalytic applications. They reduce pressure drop in adsorptive and catalytic applications, and thus are advantageous in diffusion limited systems. 

Intellectual Property Rights

Initial patent is granted in the USA, China, Japan, Germany, France, England, Spain, Italy, and Turkey [1]. Ensuing significant follow up work, a second patent application was filed. This application and the related search report were published on June 18, 2020 [2].

[1] EP 2 820 170 B1, Date of filing: 25.02.2013

[2] WO 2020122826, Date of filing: 13.12.2018

Licensing Status

The technology is ready and available for licensing. Negotiations with potential buyers are ongoing.


Prof. Dr. Ayşe Erdem Şenatalar

    • Professor, İstanbul Technical University
    • PhD., İstanbul Technical University, Chemical Engineering

Prof. Dr. Melkon Tatlıer

    • Professor, İstanbul Technical University
    • PhD., İstanbul Technical University, Chemical Engineering