İnventram Preferred Partners

İnventram Preferred Partners is Turkey’s first bridge that unites small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with large sized enterprises (LSEs). This system allows İnventram to bring together small sized technology companies with Koç Group companies and industry leaders. The system’s objective is to create business opportunities for small sized technology companies that produce innovative products or services to work with large enterprises. Through İnventram Preferred Partners, leading companies can become clients of small technology companies or their strategic investors, and therefore can procure from Turkish technology companies the high priced/high margin engineering products and services, which they usually import, in the same standards and at more affordable costs. Small sized technology companies that meet the technical, administrative and financial criteria can join the İnventram Preferred Partners system, which provides sales support to SMEs and local suppliers to large enterprises, by signing the İnventram Technology Sales Consultancy Agreement.