iPreferred Partners

İnventram's iPreferred Partners Program is Turkey's unique channel that unites technology start-ups with leading enterprises. This ecosystem’s objective is both to deliver Turkey based deep technology solutions for large enterprises and to create business opportunities for start-ups that produce hi-tech and innovative products and services as well. İnventram’s iPreferred Partners Program contribute to digital transformation by offering these products and services to industry leaders. Within this program, İnventram provides advisory, sales consultancy, mentorship and process management services to start-ups. Start-ups seeking to participate in the program may fill out the application form in İnventram’s website. Following the completion of the application form, start-ups with technical, administrative and financial qualifications will be accepted into the program.

What are the criteria for applying to the iPreferred Partners Program?

  • Hi-tech / Innovative Products and Services
  • Local Engineering Infrastructure
  • Age of SMEs
  • Customer Portfolio
  • Stable Financial Structure
  • Revenue Generation / Profitability
  • Growth Potential
  • Sustainability
  • Marketability

Argeist: AR & VR Technologies

Argeist develops integrated products for industries including real-estate, medical, logistics, transport and defense, utilizing augmented, virtual reality, signal and image processing technologies.

Bead Technology: Energy Management System

Artificial intelligence technology that analyzes and manages the energy consumption and automation system in commercial buildings and production facilities according to occupancy and environmental changes.

Bilimtek: Digital Signage

Bilimtek develops projects on digital information displays, mobile applications, location based information technologies, large data analysis, spatial data analysis platforms.

Codela: Software Developer / Coder Assessment Platform

Codela helps developers prepare for tech interviews and matching them with right companies based on their programming skills.

Digiform: AI Based Capture Platform

Digiform, with its products and services, enable digitization and classification from physical paper documents with ease, accuracy, pace.

Feba Elektronics: Electronics Maintenance And Repair

Feba Electronics is specialised in repairing I.C.T. hardware, A.T.M. Parts, LCD panels, POS and network equipment.

ForFarming: Smart Agriculture Technology

ForFarming is an IOT based agriculture and technology product that is controlled and monitored using mobile and web applications.

iCaked: 3D Cake Design Editor

iCaked is a marketplace specialized for the bakeries with a 3D design editor in which users can design their own cakes.

Infodif: Video Management System & Video Analysis & Image Processing Software

Specialization of software development and security technologies in Video Management System, Video Analysis and Image Processing.

iUGO: Telemetry Technology in Vehicles

Vehicle telemetry technologies.

Junivo: Wi-Fi Based Instore Analytics & Mobile Marketing Platform

Junivo is a technology company that enables businesses to make strategic decisions on a case-by-case basis and increase customer loyalty and sales through massive data analysis.

Kolay IK: Cloud Based HR Management Platform

Kolay IK is a cloud-based human resource management platform that manages all personnel management needs from the moment the employees start working in the company until they leave the company.

Navimod: Analytical Models And Decision Support System

Implement new technologies, construct analytical models and develop decision support systems based on these models to increase the efficiency of companys business processes and provide that the managers are able to take the right decisions.

Nely: Social Robot

Presents robotic and artificial intelligence systems that reference human needs to the market.

Neozeka: Predictive Real Estate Data Analytics And Insights Platform

Neozeka is an innovation driven real estate technology company working on data analytics, automated property valuation.

Novosim: Automotive Test And Engineering Infrastructure

Novosim creates and presents the test and engineering infrastructure required to mature the products of its customers in the automotive sector.

Nuvia: Smart Home Energy Technologies

Cosa, the 1st Smart Thermostat developer in Turkey, that enables efficient consumption of energy and to contribute to a sustainable life. Cosa still keeps developing new products and services that address the biggest pains in residential energy efficiency. Its ultimate goal is to go to zero energy cost at homes and to penetrate into residentials and provide comfort and saving at the same time with its smart, high-tech and well designed products.

Onedio: Social Content Network For Native Advertising

Onedio is the fastest growing digital media company in Turkey. It's areas of activity are digital marketing, native advertising, digital journalism.

Onlock: Smart Lock Systems For Households

An innovative technology startup developing high value added, internet of things (IoT) products to the market.

Optiyol: Automation & Optimization in Supply Chain Managemet

Optiyol specializes in mathematical modeling and optimization to develop analytical decision support solutions for the needs of different industries and to provide consulting services.

Pavotek: Integrated Electronic Systems

Pavotek is providing OEM and ODM products (card, product and system) to medium and large-scale local and foreign companies leaders of their sector and in need of electronic solutions.

Pisano: Customer Experience Management Platform

Pisano offers solutions in CRM, customer experience and real-time customer communication.

Plus Clouds: Cloud Management Software

With its own cloud management software, PlusClouds provides server and data management needs of servers through independent data centers quickly and flexibly, while offering many software and applications with the SaaS model.

Positive A Digital Approach: Customized User Experience Oriented Technology And Innovation Solutions

Positive is a technology company developing technological and innovative solutions focused on customized user experience that maximizes the digitalization process of brands. It develops e-commerce and omni-channel platforms and customized mobile & responsive & web applications.

Shopi: In-Store Digitalization Platform

A retailing platform to empower brick-and-mortar stores for a more personalized shopping experience, enabled from any device or any store with omnichannel fulfillment experience, powered by the cloud-based middleware it has developed.

Simge Simülasyon: Digital Visualization Applications in AR & VR Platforms

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality based training applications.

Sparkus: Digital Progress And Transformation Programs For HR Management

Sparkus is an HR TECH company gathering design, coaching and technology to scale the benefits of coaching, mentoring and personal development to larger audiences through gamification and digitalization.

Taglette: RFID Solutions

Provides humanless technologies IoT projects, RFID solutions and smart management systems.

TEV: Total Energy Efficiency

TEV provides the optimum use of the resources of our country and so raise the energy efficiency by developing the total energy efficiency system, supported by its R&D activities.

Transolt: Driverless Transportation Solutions

Develops driverless transportation solutions for factories and production facilities to increase the safety and workflow efficiency.

Udentify: Real Time In-Store Monitoring For Brick And Mortars

Computer vision-based real-time customer experience observation application.

V-Count: Image Processing And People Counting Technologies

Analyzes customer behaviors in physical locations in details. V-Count’s customer behavior analytics help businesses optimize operations in their physical locations, increase conversions, revenues and profits.

Workinlot: Open Innovation Platform

Offers a digital platform/solution to help corporations to scout talents and creative projects.