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A medtech company: Tarabios


A medtech company: Tarabios 

Medtech is one of İnventram’s key investment areas. Tarabios, which has been included in the company’s investment portfolio in line with this approach, focuses on developing coagulation monitoring/diagnostics systems to improve the efficiency of healthcare professionals and the patients’ quality of life. Tarabios’ lead investigational device product candidate is a point-of-care (PoC) coagulometer. For more information about CoaRight's specifications and the company’s partnership with İnventram, please check out the video with Esat Oğuz, CEO at Tarabios. 

With the first version of CoaRight, Tarabios aims to measure PT/INR for monitoring the oral anticoagulant that is widely used for prevention of coagulation. Thanks to CoaRight's cutting-edge microfluidic, lab-on-a-chip and opto-mechanical sensor technologies, the device is able to produce “lab equivalent” results with superior accuracy. What sets the device, which is protected by patent in many countries, apart is the direct measurement method. The device is designed to utilize the opto-mechanical measurement method, which does not interact with other medications and therefore eliminates the risk of errors caused by such interactions in the results.

CoaRight’s R&D stage is completed and the device is now in the P&D (Product Development) stage. Once the clinical studies and CE application processes are completed in the first half of 2023, Tarabios plans to launch the device in the European market later in the year. 

Tarabios, which started with a coagulometer, a device to measure PT/INR, plans to work on a system to enable patients and physicians to monitor coagulation factors such as APTT, ICT and Noak. The company follows the industry closely to keep abreast of third generation anticoagulants developed in recent years. From the startup stage to the branding journey, İnventram has always stood by Tarabios, both as an investor and also as a great partner sharing all the excitement since the very first day.