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What’s on the investor’s agenda?


What’s on the investor’s agenda?

İnventram General Manager Cem Soysal and Webrazzi CEO Arda Kutsal discussed the future investment plans of İnventram and the Turkish startup ecosystem in a talk during the Webrazzi Summit 2022.

Venture capital firms (VCs), which provide financing to startup companies and small businesses with strong growth potential, also play a key role in later stages of these startups by supporting them. İnventram, one of the few CVCs (corporate venture capital) in Turkey, aims to contribute to the national economy and invests in high-tech companies launched by successful entrepreneurs with the same vision to help them grow in global markets. İnventram also provides support in other areas such as financial management, legal infrastructure, business development, marketing and sales.

In a talk during the Webrazzi Summit 2022, İnventram General Manager Cem Soysal spoke with Webrazzi Founder and CEO Arda Kutsal and discussed the company’s portfolio and investment principles. Soysal underlined that İnventram always believes in the potential of Turkish startups, and is proven right about its investment decisions. Soysal noted that İnventram is among the leading groups that manage the calculated risks well overall, and sees positive returns even from early-stage startups. He also summarized their 2022 performance: “While the VC investments seemed to slow down on the European front, they maintained their momentum in the US this year. At İnventram, we are always prudent in measuring or calculating the risks, so we are not quite affected by such developments.”

What is next for Turkey and the global market?

In terms of VC investments, the Turkish market closed 2021 with $1.63 billion in total. Investments in the early-stage and growth-stage startups are driven by joint efforts in Turkey. And the VC investments in Turkey are hands down at the top of the global market as well. Soysal added: “According to a recent survey from the US, VC investments are expected to deliver the highest returns to the investors compared to the real estate investments and infrastructure investments, based on the internal efficiency ratios derived from data related to large investments. Therefore, we may anticipate VC investments to keep gaining momentum and shine.”