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Multi Point, High Sensitive Tactile Sensing Module For Robots And Devices

Assoc. Prof. Utku Büyükşahin / Yıldız Technical University

High sensitive tactile sensing for robot technologies. It is suitable for the development of common use in some areas: Robots and robot technology...


CY Vision Inc.

Prof. Hakan Ürey / Koç University

Holographic 3D image technology


A Non-Invasive Wearable Device That Alleviates Parkinson's Disease Symptoms

Assoc. Prof. Özgür Çakmak / Otago University, New Zealand

A wearable electro-stimulator that can alleviate Parkinson's Disease sysmptoms such as tremors, rigidity, and bradykinesia, etc. at the drug levels and without surgical intervention.


A Non-Invasive Device That Decreases Internal Bleeding

Assoc. Prof. Özgür Çakmak / Otago University

It is a non-invasive system to decrease the blood flow of a targeted organ in case of bleeding or a medical requirement.


Tarabios: Mobile Blood Coagulation (PT/INR) Measurement Device for Self-Testing

Prof. Dr. Hakan Ürey / Koç University

Tarabios is a project developed by Prof. Urey and his team by the support of İnventam. In this project a patent pending mobile blood coagulation (PT/INR) device which incorporates a unique and advanced measurement technology, is developed.


Kuantag A.Ş.: Automotive Technologies

Emre Heves / Kuantag A.Ş.

Ongoing research and development activities for automotive industry regarding detection, identification, recording systems.


A Novel Zeolite Coating Technology

Prof. Ayşe Erdem Şenatalar & Prof. Melkon Tatlıer / Istanbul Technical University

Zeolite's molecular structure resembles a sieve so it can be used in gas or liquid seperation as well as in dehydration process. The performance of Zeolite coating is many times higher than Zeolite in pellet form. However, existing coating technology can not be widely used because it is very expensive and time consuming. On the other hand proposed technology is low cost, less complex, and low process time. So now Zeolite can be applied in everywhere.


Artificial Cervical Disc

Prof. Ali Fahir Özer / Amerikan Hospital & Dr. Deniz Erbulut / Toledo University

A novel artificial cervical disc that enables natural motion


Talking Hands

Elif Saygı Bavunoğlu & Harun Bavunoğlu / Turtela Technology Solutions Inc.

Talking Hands is a technological glove project which converts Turkish Sign Language into speech. The glove will detect the Turkish Sign Language...


Water Treatment System by Electrosorption

Asst. Prof. Edip Bayram / Akdeniz University

A water treatment/purification system using electrosorption


A Urea, Phosphate And pH Measuring PoC Device

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Işıldak / Yıldız Technical University

A mobile medical device that accurately measures the level of pH, urea, and phosphate in a kidney patient's blood by just a single drop of blood.


Automatic Transmission

Ergin Yüksel

Electronic and servo controlled transmission technology providing stepless acceleration from zero to maximum speed. Target vehicles: truck, bus, tank, tractor and other heavy vehicles.


Kolay IK: Cloud Based HR Management Platform

Kolay IK is a cloud-based human resource management platform.


Novosim: Automotive Test & Engineering Infrastructure

Novosim creates and presents the test and engineering infrastructure required to mature the products of its customers in the automotive sector.


Positive A Digital Approach: Customized Technology & Innovation Solutions

Positive is a technology and innovation solutions company focused on customized user experience that brings the digitalization processes of brands to the highest level


Codela: Software Developer / Coder Assessment Platform

Codela is a platform that helps programmers prepare for technical interviews and matches them to the right companies based on their programming capabilities.This platform matches software developers with technology-based companies used by both parties.


Junivo: Wi-Fi Based Instore Analytics & Mobile Marketing Platform

Junivo is a technology company that enables businesses to make strategic decisions on a case-by-case basis and increase customer loyalty and sales through massive data analysis.


Onlock: Smart Lock Systems For Households

DIGIT Informatics is a company that produces high value-added products by adopting an innovation-based business model...


Taglette: RFID Solutions

Dr. Mehmet Imrak

Taglette develops microchip technologies that enable the follow-up, control and analysis of all processes...


Pisano: Customer Experience Measuring and Monitoring System

Pisano was founded by four co-founders that believed companies needed a better way of managing feedback at scale...


Bilimtek: Digital Signage

Emre Aydın

Software as a service principle software development, spatial data analysis, R&D consultancy, business intelligence...


Optiyol: Smart Route Planning Platform

Ozan Gözbaşı & Tuba Yılmaz Gözbaşı

Optiyol Decision Analytics is founded after a decade of academic and practical operations research experience of the team in the United States, Australia and Turkey...


Simge Simülasyon: AR/VR Platforms

Kürşat Özcan

Simge Simulation develops motion platforms and simulators for military training, entertainment and academic...


Neozeka: Predictive Real Estate Data Analytics and Insights Platform

Neozeka is an innovation driven real estate technology company working on data analytics, automated property valuation...


Sparkus: HR Technologies

Dani Benreytan & Özlem Sarıoğlu

HR Tech company


Digiform: AI Based Capture Platform

Gürkan Karagöz

Digiform, with its products and services, enable digitization and classification from physical paper documents with ease, accuracy, pace. Through Digiform’s technology...


iCaked: 3D Design Editor

Berker Yaşar

iCaked is a marketplace specialized for the bakeries with a 3D design editor in which users can design their...


TEV: Total Energy Efficiency

Rıza Köroğlu

Total energy efficiency


Nuvia: Smart Home Energy Technologies

Nuvia, the pioneer and unique brand that focused on Smart Residential Energy Management in Turkey; was established...


iUGO: Telemetry Technology in Vehicles

Evren Özatay

Vehicle telemetry technologies


Plus Clouds: Cloud IT Solutions

Harun Barış Bulut

Cloud IT Solutions


Onedio: Social Content Network For Native Advertising

Founded in 2012, Onedio is Turkey’s first content-based social network and a pioneer in the content-based website...


Positive Energy: Energy Management System

Soner Hacıhaliloğlu

Energy reporting and energy consumption analysis


Infodif: Image Processing - Machine Vision - Video Analytics

Kerem Çalışkan

Infodif is an R&D company developing software frameworks and solutions with its expertise in real time image processing, image transfer, machine vision...


V-Count: Image Processing and Video Analysis

Demirhan Büyüközcü

Visitor analytics for the physical world


Pavotek: Integrated Electronic Systems

Kutsal Anıl

Embedded electronic systems


Feba Elektronik: LCD Test and Repair Technologies

Bahadır Felek

The firm repairs LCD panels that are used on many products, such as laptops, TVs, monitors, and ATMs. Entrepreneurs, with 20 years of experience...